Mobile Fairytale Library App

Services: TECHNICAL BUILD, Animation
Client: X-Ovation Bulgaria




The CEO of X-Ovation Bulgaria contacted PulsarVR about a very interesting project – a Library of fairytale books for children that would be in 3D and at the same time include animated fully hand-drawn images. The app would read the fairytale and highlight the text at the proper time, helping little children to learn reading more easily.

After a meeting with the client we drafted a very specific design document outlining the requirements –

  • Modular downloadable books architecture, adding new fairytales without updating the Library app.
  • In-app purchases of new books.
  • Animation of the painted by hand still images, magic effects, voice/text/music synchronization, German and English localization.

The main challenges for we faced – “projecting” the animated scenes and magic effects on the twisting and warping surface of the book pages. We also developed a simple but accurate system to highlight the text that is read at the specific time, and took special care in the way the pages are flipped, making it as close to a real book as possible.

With the end of the project we had delivered the first book for the series on Android, and the whole functional Library app – a server connection for downloading new books, giving the client freedom to upload content at any time.


“We found PulsarVR while looking for a trustworthy partner to build our library app platform. The hardest part in hiring a company to do the job is the long list of professional and soft skills its team should have. PulsarVR happens to meet them all. Their team paid great attention to detail and our requirements, keeping the set deadlines and delivering a result that exceeded our initial expectations. It was pleasure working with such a competent and creative team and we are definitely looking forward to prolonging our business partnership. One thing is for sure – we can highly recommend PulsarVR’s software development services!”

    Marina Shideroff, Project Lead/UX