Augmented Gourmet

Client: Julius Baer Group



At first sight, the task given to Pulsar VR was a trivial one – to build an Augmented Reality mobile app for a special one-time event with more than 150 participants. The app would serve as a virtual list menu helping guest of the official dinner to choose a main course . Our client counted on the amusement delivered by the beautiful 3D animations shown in AR.

This turned out to be one of the more technically – demanding projects we’ve done, because of the very specific client requirements:

  • all animated content downloadable from the internet(e.g Amazon Web Services) or Local Network in runtime – 3d animations, video, audio. The content could be updated at any time without help from PulsarVR, and without publishing an update of the app.
  • Streaming video from FTP, Youtube or Vimeo
  • Backend administrator panel – enabling change to all printed Augmented Reality “Targets” at any time, as well as pairing a downloadable content pack to a specific Target.
  • Later in the development, implementation of rotatable interactive objects.
  • Architecture enabling repurposing of the app without changing the code base.
  • a flexible solution that does not depend in any way to PulsarVR – deploy once and forget it.

Although there were feature requests and changes late in development, Pulsar VR was able to fulfill all client requirements and deliver an AR solution to be proud of.