Presenting your next home interactively

Client: Studio Incept



Studio Incept asked us to help them with the creation of a 3D mobile interactive app designed to complement the architectural building visualizations they did for a partner company. The app had to include interior videos, as well as show the entire building in 3D with the best possible detail – a challenge for phones and tablets even now.

The visualization files had already been finished, so the main difficulty was to take this data and optimize it to run on mobile devices without any visible loss of quality, and at the same time, keep the looks of the interactive part consistent with the rest of the renders. According to the customer’s wish, we also did a UI adhering to the Google Material Design guidelines.

At the closing of the project, the end client received a highly optimized app running on a very wide range of Android and IOS devices, helping them improve their mobile presence and brand perception.


“We collaborated with Pulsar VR for a few weeks and the work ran smoothly with little or no supervision from our part, with almost no corrections. We’re very pleased with the visual quality of the finished product, and, I can honestly say, this was one of our stress – free projects!”

Vladimir Vitanov, CEO – Studio Incept